Simon Godwin Abighe
The Author & President

Simon was born November 27, 1962, in Urede quarters, Uwheru in the then Midwestof Nigeria which later became Bendel State and now Delta state of Nigeria,  Ughelli North local government Area.

He attended Onidjo Primary School and obtained Primary School Leaving Certificate in 1978, He graduated from Uwheru Grammar in 1983, He obtained a Bachelor of Laws  (LL.B) Hons from the University of Maiduguri. He is married with two children: Newworld Simon (male)  and Shulamite Jahtega  Samson Mark Jones (female).

Simon’s desire to be an accomplished writer was whipped up at his two hundred level in the university. He intends to take poetry to a higher level where poems would be used for entertainment.

He is the author of Terror in my Country, a prose write-up. There are fifteen poems in it, some of which are drawn from the prose narration, making it unique, different from most literature debuts which are either in whole prose or poems. The book teaches morals, resilience, determination, and courage in the face of overwhelming odds. The book got its name from the untold story of horrific bloodshed of ongoing Insurgency in  Nigeria.

Simon is also the author of Married his Mother-in-Law. Married his Mother-in-Law is comical, what you would like to read and not what Simon wants you to read. It’s a prose write-up with two powerful poems. The first poem is titled:  Female Rapist. Female Rapist is dedicated to the right of the Boy-Child whose rights are constantly violated by adult females behind the sane and nothing is done about it. It Eulogizes is Sylvester Oromi who was bullied in Dowen College in Lagos and died.

Simon is the co-author of the book:  E.K CLARK THE PRINCE OF THE NIGER DELTA.

Story-telling is part of the African culture but this vital part of our culture is gradually dying away, the culture of reading and writing stories that characterized our tradition is fading into an unknown history.

The internet, social media, Handsets, computers are supposed to enhance our talent for creative writing, story-telling, poetry for entertainment, but sadly, the opposite is the case.

Our children no longer read and quality writing skill is lost to social media. Do we allow this to continue? No. We have to start from somewhere in righting this defect.

These books: Terror in my country and Married his Mother-in-law set the pace in that direction.

I am committed to the African tradition of story-telling and creative writing subject improvement. Anybody can join this movement – the movement of story-telling, creative writing, and poetry to entertain, extol, and promote virtue and expose vices in our society,  adding value to our culture.

Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, accountants, Businessmen, and women, young and old can join this movement.

Like Chimamanda said, stories matter. Story matters because you can change the narrative through story-telling. You can add value to society through story-telling. By clicking this link to get your copy of these books either the E-format or the hard copy you are doing two things.

    1. You are promoting the culture of story-telling.
    2. You will get the value for your money

Please encourage us to keep writing by making your financial contribution. Encourage others to buy and make a financial contribution to promote the culture of literature in Africa.

Thank you very much and May God bless you.

Married His Mother-in-Law

The Female Rapist is a poem about a lady, a school teacher who had a crush on her student. It’s strange but Agnes is lusting after Ikechukwu; a boy-child. She is a Youth Corper engaged to a medical doctor. Dr. Francis is her fiancée but she doesn’t care about him now. All she wants is the small boy for sex. She seduced the boy and continued to have sex with him. She became pregnant for him. She actually violated the right of the boy-child. Violation of the right of the boy-child by adult ladies is a common phenomenon and yet nobody talks about it.

Terror in my Country

This is an undoing of an immoral and promiscuous society resulting in so much infidelity in most marriages. The poem is dedicated to the right of the boy-child, a narration of the sexual exploit between an adult lady and the boy-child. Vampires Eulogize Sylvester Oromoni who was bullied in DOWEN College and died. A tribute to all our children in institutions of learning who refused to join bad gangs and reject the life of drugs and prostitution.

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