VIGNETTE – Terror in my Country


It is a sad story of insurgency, devastation and unimaginable bloodshed, and horror of thuggish brutality in Nigeria. The cheerful world of mother and son, father and playful children, brothers and sisters of Saminaka disappeared, ushering him into a strange world of monstrous vampires and cannibalism and now he is a dreaded Dracula in Sambisa forest surrounded by mind-boggling horrors any human could ever imagine. The first day he killed a human, the sun shined in its best manner.

The night of 14 to 15 April 2014 was a dark day never to be forgotten by the whole world. As the Lorry rolled on never to be seen, a thought came to the boy at the steering wheel to save the Chibok girls, if not all, at least some. He is a Tornados quite alright but he is still a human with flesh and blood like the parents of the precious School girls he is driving into Lion’s den.


This is the past of a fatherless boy whose life see-saw, moved from one state to another and back again, plummeting into a vicious circle where it seemed that a curse on his father is his undoing or an unknown jinx put him in a bind and held him in perpetual bondage of misfortune.

And now his student’s file in the University that holds his academic record is missing, not only from the Department of Public Law but also from the entire Faculty of Law, and could not be found. And as if that is trivial, his names and student identification number are not in the summary of graduating students.