Married his Mother-in-law


Agnes is a young graduate, a Youth Corper, Ikechuku’s English teacher. She intends to invite Ik to her home under the guise of helping him to learn. She will rape him if he resists and threatens to deal with him if he tells anyone. If he yields to her seduction, fine and good, she will house the boy for as long as she wants, to continue to enjoy his strong, youthful erection.

Ik, now a philanderer could not hold himself after parting with Agnes. Inordinate craving for sex like never before. He was possessed by demons of fornication from Miss Agnes.

Ik allowed his mother-in-law to use her hand to direct his dick into the complex structure of her oily labia majora and labia minora ready for penetration before Ik went into a hush and stalled his action. “Why do you want to do this Ma?” he whimpered, breathing into the woman’s face.

Usman holds a Bachelors’ and Master’s degree, the Liberian of the Federal College of Education (Technical), Omoku. All he remembers; he has just dropped the cheque of ten million Naira and the books donated to the Omoku College of Education in London with the Provost, the Chief Executive of the College, and went to his house outside the school premises. They are indigenes of the college town who felt jealous. They see that Usman – a stranger in their land is shining more than them, amassing wealth, representing the school traveling overseas instead of one of them who are natives. They didn’t intend to kill Usman, but just want to make him mad all his life. The three of them agreed to make Usman’s life useless. Usman was mad. But he regained his sanity after two years through the help of his friend but does not know what happened to him in the years of his lunacy “Ask me how life was in the years of lunacy; In lunacy, there is no bad or good memory to share, no sadness or joy to relate. Perhaps, it was the best of time. But to me now that I am sound and lucid, the worst, and perhaps hold the view of Shakespeare “So fair and foul a day, I haven’t seen!”